ONE digital signage platform packed with everything you need!

Turning any screen into a dynamic marketing machine

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ONE digital signage platform packed with everything you need!

Turning any screen into a dynamic marketing machine

All the content you need is included

Specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses, Wallin ONE is an easy-to-use browser-based digital signage solution that eliminates one of the biggest challenges you face when looking to use digital signage – the challenge of creating and enriching content.

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Broadcast Wallin ONE’s media content on your display!

An easy, all-in-one solution starting from only 16 euros

Wallin ONE’s ease of use and affordability are ideal for those who want to take advantage of the many benefits of digital signage, but do not have the resources that are typically required by competing solutions. No special hardware platform is required, making it very affordable, with prices starting at only €16/month.

No content creation or purchase required

Wallin ONE gives you a range of highly available content options not on offer with other platforms, removing the need to generate or acquire content – yes, it’s all there within the platform!  An ever-growing app market, included within the Wallin ecosystem, enables you to quickly and easily choose the content to appear on-screen to create or enrich engaging, interactive consumer experiences.

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The power of simplicity at your fingertips

Designed to be easy to use by non-technical staff, Wallin ONE allows you to create, schedule and manage content, transforming your TV screen into a real-time fully fledged marketing tool. The interface is so simple and intuitive that you don’t need to undertake any specific training or have any technical understanding. In just a few clicks, you can import dynamic content from any social media, images, video, RSS and ATOM feeds, calendars and more.

Why Wallin ONE?

ONE platform packed with Content, Apps, Social Media and much more!
From as little as 16 euros per month, you can transform that idle screen in your business premise into a powerful digital marketing machine!

No need to Create Content

Wide-ranging App Market

Integration with Web-based Content


Content Tagging & Scheduling


Playlist Management


Highly Scalable

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