This is Wallin ONE

A simple, yet powerful, vehicle in creating a compelling and real-time customer experience – fast.

ONE solution covering all your needs

From one intuitive and simple dashboard, you can manage, schedule and monitor one or several digital displays across your business premises. The best thing about Wallin ONE is that you don’t have to worry about generating or acquiring content because it’s all there within the platform!

An app market, included within the Wallin ecosystem, enables you to quickly and easily choose your favourite content (such as social media, news and so on) to appear on-screen to create or enrich engaging, interactive consumer experiences.

Easy, flexible and affordable

Because it is cloud-based and uses HTML5, Wallin ONE provides several advantages. No special hardware platform is required, making it very affordable, with prices starting at only €16/month. It can be managed from any Internet-connected device via Wallin’s simple, intuitive Wallin ONE Web Dashboard. Wallin ONE is also easily scalable as your business needs grow.

Wallin ONE’s ease of use and affordability are ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses who want to take advantage of the many benefits of digital signage, but do not have the resources that are typically required by competing solutions.

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