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New power to your Display

Empower as never before the experience in your fitness center. Activate Wallin ONE on your screens to inform and engage your members with eye-catching content such as social media, videos, images, news, weather, and much more.

Integration with Social Media

Make the experience in your fitness center unique and special, with eye-catching content taken directly from Social Networks. Display your Social Wall real-time with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook messages.

Enhance the engagement of your members, they will talk about your business through their social accounts. Create your own hashtag and invite your customers to interact with each other and with your social pages!

Thanks to Wallin ONE you can block all unwanted content by selecting only the best posts with the integrated bad words filter. You can do it anywhere through your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Promote products and subscriptions in just a few clicks

Use your screen to promote targeted deals and improve communication with your customers. Enhance your promotions and merchandising through brand new images and dynamic videos.

You can promote your products in just a few click without effort.

You can schedule the broadcast to show promotions only at certain times or days.

Finally, you can say goodbye to leaflets and paper billboards!

Keep your members informed

Give to your subscribers updated, useful and relevant information, such as course schedules, membership costs, and much more.

You can display news of any kind taken directly from all national and international newspapers.

You can also show the latest news stories in your city or region without any additional work. Simply set your location (ex. London) and get all the best stories from the internet, including real time social media messages (ex. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).


Showcase your initiatives

Don’t run after your subscribers to inform them about the initiatives promoted by your fitness center.

In just a few clicks you can create and promote every event, through all the multimedia files you prefer.

Show all information directly into your fitness center and involve your subscribers: they will share, in real-time, your initiative or event through their social accounts!

Manage multiple locations

Have businesses in San Francisco, Milan, and Tokyo? No worries. You can manage multiple locations under one account and assign a specific location (or group of displays) to dedicated user.

Learn more about your customers

Thanks to the built-in powerful social analytics tool, you can discover who your customers are, analyze their loyalty and engagement, track their preferences, and offer marketing promotions.

One solution, many benefits

Improve Brand Reputation

Learn more about your customers

Improve Customers Loyalty

Drive more traffic to your venue

Enhance your sales performance


Enhance your customers engagement

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