Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you’ll find the most frequent questions and answers from our customers

Getting Started:

How do I get started with Wallin ONE?
The simplest way to start with Wallin ONE is to register your account, log in, and start the 7 or 14 day free trial. Then you’ll be able to check out our pricing packages, choose the one that fits your business, and go! You will choose the number of display licences and the subscription time. Once you receive your account activation it will be so easy to activate a screen directly from the web browser of your Smart TV or plug in the device into any TV, projector, or other display via HDMI and start empowering your displays with Wallin ONE!
Can I monitor my digital signage network on my smartphone or tablet?

Sure! From Wallin ONE online dashboard ( you can upload, create and manage your contents. Wallin ONE dashboard shows all players linked to your account whether they are online or offline. New screens can be added to your account using your mobile phone, tablet or PC and you can manage your account, remotely control contents, purchase, activate or delete display players, change type of subscription, payment method, city, time zone info and more.

I want to sign up for the 7 days free trial of Wallin ONE. What information is needed?

All that is needed is an email address, name, surname and the type of business you are in. You won’t be forced to add credit card information, and your free trial account will be suspended at the end of the trial period unless further arrangements have been discussed.

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What limitations will I have during my free trial period?

Your free trial account includes a fully-functional platform for 1 player with LITE plan. This allows you to effectively experiment with all functions and features and get accustomed with our platform.

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What can I do at the end of my free trial?

If you provide a payment method before the end of your first 7 days trial, you’ll receive additional 7 days of free trial and then you’ll be automatically upgraded to our payment “LITE” plan and will be charged according to our pricing (50 € every 2 months). However, you will be able to dismiss the account and the automatic payment any time during the free trial.


What type of device do I need for Wallin ONE to function properly?

There are so many devices you can use for Wallin ONE. Our solution is completely web browser-based, and works with any web browser. So every device having a web browser is potentially the right one.
Here are some devices we tested and recommend.

Please make sure you have the latest version of your browser installed.
Furthermore, we’re perfectly integrated with Android devices, so if you own one or want to buy it, you can download the Wallin ONE Android App from Google Play Store.

Is Wallin ONE compatible with all displays?
Absolutely. No matter the size, our solution easily connects to any HD screen. Engage your audience with TVs, projectors, and even jumbotrons or broadcast your contents on any PC, tablet or smartphone. You can even manage remotely the content of your displays on multiple platforms with our web dashboard, all you need is an internet connection.
Can my Smart TV be a Wallin ONE player?

If you have an Android-based smart TV or a Philips Digital Signage TV, then you can download the Wallin ONE App. Otherwise, you can play Wallin ONE on your Smart TV directly from the web browser. Please make sure you have the latest version of your browser installed.

How can I transform my not internet-connected display into a Wallin ONE player?

There are some devices that can be used to turn any display with a HDMI port into a Wallin ONE player.

At the moment, we recommend these ones as solid devices that optimize our digital signage solution.

Compatibility and features:

Are vertically oriented displays supported?

Of course. Wallin ONE Player automatically detects and fits your display orientation.

Remember: you should set the display vertical orientation on the device too by simply selecting the correct orientation from within the settings menu of the operative system.

I am considering using Wallin ONE as my digital signage platform, but I need a feature Wallin ONE doesn’t support, that is an important requirement for my project. Will Wallin ONE consider developing this feature?
Probably yes! We are constantly adding new features to our platform. Please contact us to ask about a new feature. We might already be incorporating it, and certainly we will take into consideration all feature requests.
Are there any theme to choose from with my Wallin ONE digital signage solution?

Yes. Wallin ONE offers many complimentary layout themes. In addition, you can also design your own templates for use in Wallin ONE by just creating your own header, footer (even dinamics) or background images and uploading them on Wallin ONE dashboard.
Furthermore, we can create for you with an additional cost your personal 100% customized template.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more about custom templates.

What type of format does Wallin ONE support for the content to be displayed?
Almost whatever format will be ok! Wallin ONE is capable of working with most common image formats (e.g. JPEG, PNG), video files (e.g. WEBM, WMV, AVI, MPG, MP4 etc.). Wallin ONE even supports videos from YouTube and Vimeo. However it is the client’s obligation to make sure that no copyright is infringed by integrating a video into their Digital Signage presentation.
Can I moderate the social messages?

You can block offensive or negative content, selecting the best posts to show without worry of unwanted content, thanks to the built-in bad-words protection.
You can even ban specific users when they write something you don’t want to see on your screen.

Can I choose which TripAdvisor reviews to display on my screens?

You can moderate your reviews approving them singly or broadcasting automatically, with a simple click, all the reviews with more than 3-4 or 5 stars evaluation. It’s so easy, try this function on your dashboard!


Where are my uploaded content stored?

All the uploaded content are held on Amazon and Microsoft Azure servers.

Are content constantly streamed from the internet, or are the media saved on the device local storage and played from there?

Some images and videos will be saved on the device during the first time they are played, and so internet connection will be required only in that moment. After that, they’ll be played directly from the device local storage itself. In any case, most apps, like SocialMedia or TripAdvisor and all web pages, will necessarily need an internet connection.


How much does Wallin ONE cost?

Wallin ONE license packages start as low as 16€ a month for each player! Our price model allows you to reduce the costs depending on how many players you need and how long your subscription time is. Wallin ONE gives you flexibility with your digital signage solution.

You can find more information about pricing here.

Are discounts available?

Yes. We offer disconts based on the quantity of player licences subscribed.

Contact us to know more about discounts.

How can I pay for Wallin ONE?
We accept all major credit cards for 2-6-12 or 24 monthly payments. We offer payments discount depending on the number of players and subscription months needed.
How are my payment details stored?

Wallin takes security around payment details very seriously. That’s why we use Braintree, a famous and highly trusted payment services provider. With Braintree, cardholder data is managed using established data security and encryption methods.
Furthermore, you’ll find all your invoices saved in your own Wallin ONE Dashboard.
For details about our payment services provider:

Does Wallin ONE have a reseller program?

Yes. Wallin ONE has an attractive program for resellers.
Get in touch with us for more informations.

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