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Communicate and share information across your company

Internal communications have always been a very delicate affair, and the bigger your company, the harder it is to communicate on a one-to-one basis with your team. Digital signage is the ideal solution to ensure that each member of your company receives the right information at the right moment, reducing the strain that miscommunication can cause amongst staff members. By using Wallin ONE, you will keep your employees connected and will also enhance their motivation by maximising your business productivity.

Keep your team up-to-date

Implement department-specific screens throughout the office; display task lists and project updates to project/account managers and deploy incentivised sales targets to screens that are visible to your sales and marketing departments. Integrate a live RSS feed to inform your team about the company news and latest update.

Motivate your staff

Everyone needs a dose of positivity and inspiration in his life! Especially if you are having a particularly bad day. By sharing daily inspirational quotes or company and/or employee achievements in real time you can possibly boost someone’s moral, spark motivation and improve positive competition within the workplace.


  • Highlight new contract wins and new product information
  • Display data from popular platforms such as Salesforce and Google
  • Create games and contests around any KPIs like sales performance
  • Share daily inspirational/motivational quotes

Share meeting schedules and room locations

The bigger your company, the harder it is to organise meetings, book meeting rooms and avoid being disturbed in the middle of an important reunion. By placing screens at your main reception desk and at the entrance to each room, you can easily display what meeting is being held in each room and at what time. No more confusion about which room you need to go to or no fear of anyone barging in during the meeting!

Display social media feeds and activity

Broadcast what your customers are saying about your company on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by monitoring a specific hashtag. Encourage your team to share any news about your business and interact with customers in real-time.

Promote special and recurring events

Announce any social events and internal activities in one effective place. Simply upload and broadcast any full-HD images and videos to spread the word about announcements, events, meetings, birthdays and so on.

  • Play messages at a scheduled time for special events
  • Display the agenda of each department
  • Repeat events daily, weekly, monthly or yearly

Welcome guests as they visit your offices

First impressions have a lasting effect on people. Why not use your screens to broadcast a personal welcome message to any guests and customers visiting your premises? This is very simple to do as Wallin ONE supports sensors and beacon technology that allows you to trigger a specific message or action on screen when the presence of a person is detected. You will be amazed by how touched a visiting customer will be when s/he sees their name and company logo displayed along with a little welcome message.

Learn more about your customers

Thanks to the built-in powerful social analytics tool, you can discover who your customers are, analyse their loyalty and engagement, track their preferences, and offer personalised marketing promotions.

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Share company goals and achievement

Create contests and games

Keep your team informed

Enhance your sales performance


Enhance your team engagement

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