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Relevant and meaningful information right at the point of purchase

Improve the in-store experience and encourage your customers to shop more. Install and plug-in Wallin ONE to your digital displays and start engaging your customers with eye-catching graphics like social media, video, images, news and more.

Beacons and Digital Signage. Perfect match.

Deliver a more relevant and meaningful messaging right at the point of purchase using the power of beacons and digital signage. To optimise consumer interaction, Wallin ONE enables proximity marketing by supporting sensors for such as infrared, ultrasonic, physical switches or NFC, allowing the user to trigger an action on screen or on a mobile device when the presence of a consumer is detected. You can even publish intelligent, profile-based messaging on a display close to a specific customer offering a coupon, reward points and information about a particular product. This feature transforms any screen into an interactive marketing tool capable of creating superior consumer experiences and engagement.

Easily promote offers and sponsors

Use your TV to deliver richest and targeted campaigns for amplified consumer engagement. Select the SlideShow or MediaPlayer app from Wallin ONE to tempt your visitors with enticing pictures and videos based on time of day and day of week.


  • Order a playlist with visual-priority
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Play messages at a scheduled time for special events and promotions
  • Repeat events daily, weekly, monthly or yearly

Inform your customers

Display the latest news about your brand without any additional work. Simply copy and paste the URL of your favourite RSS feeds to broadcast all the best stories from the internet, including real time social media messages.

Drive awareness to any website

Use your screen to display any website that you wish to promote. It’s easy. Copy and paste the URL into the Wallin ONE dashboard and you are ready to go. Promote your website or create a custom HTML page to deliver a custom experience to your audience.

Manage the queues in your business

No more customers crowding the store, waiting for their turn. They’ll just take a look at the display and they will know. Nothing simpler. The integration with Qurami, one of the best Apps for queue management, allows you to optimise the waiting time of your customers and improve their experience. In your business, even the waits can be transformed into a great experience!

Socialise your establishment

Drive audience engagement through a more interactive entertainment experience, and instantly create a buzz around your venue or special event. Display a real time custom-designed Social Wall with a mix of posts from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Encourage your customers to interact with your brand and other guests by posting messages with a designated hashtag.

Smart Moderation, everywhere
From your dashboard, you can easily block any content that you deem offensive or negative, selecting the best posts to show without the worry of unwanted content. All this can be done from your PC, tablet or smartphone, anywhere.

Create contests and games

Create a unique and exciting in-store experience by broadcasting games and contests for your guests to participate in. You can offer a free drink for the funniest picture shared on Instagram with #YourHashtag, for example, and engage your customers like never before.

Manage multiple locations

Have businesses in San Francisco, Milan, and Tokyo? No worries. You can manage multiple locations under one account and assign a specific location (or group of displays) to dedicated user.

Learn more about your customers

Thanks to the built-in powerful social analytics tool, you can discover who your customers are, analyze their loyalty and engagement, track their preferences, and offer marketing promotions.

One solution, many benefits

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Learn more about your customers

Improve Customers Loyalty

Drive more traffic to your venue

Enhance your sales performance


Enhance your customers engagement

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