How to get started with Wallin ONE

Find out how to empower your digital displays

Check out the 7 steps below to learn how it works:

1. Sign up and Login

Create your account and Login.

2. Connect your device to any display

All you need is an Internet connection (WiFi or ethernet). Then you can connect your device to a display by any video cable.

3. Open on your device the Wallin ONE Player

Follow the instructions on your dashboard to open your Wallin ONE player. Choose the version of player you prefer (web browser-based or native apps) and run the Wallin ONE Player.

Compatible with:


4. Activate Wallin ONE Player

Select on your dashboard “Activate new player”, write the activation phrase shown on your display. Now your dashboard is perfectly matched with your Player!

5. Choose your Apps

I’ts all about Apps! Choose the Apps you want and activate them, with ease.

6. Customize and control

Use your dashboard to choose your color theme, add social media feeds, upload graphics, and more.

7. You’re ready to go!

Congrats! You just empowered your displays like never before. Check out the next free product update with new features and new Apps.

Ready to get started?