Why you need Wallin ONE

Digital signage accessible to all

To date, many small businesses have not been able to take advantage of digital signage and its benefits simply because they do not have the resources that are typically required by most solutions available on the market. Now, thanks to Wallin ONE, digital signage is available for everyone without breaking the balance sheet!

Easy to use by anyone & anywhere

Your screen can be managed from any Internet-connected device, even your tablet or mobile phone, via our simple, intuitive Wallin ONE Web Dashboard.The interface is so simple and intuitive that you don’t need to undertake any specific training or have any technical understanding. Wallin ONE is designed for the people who most need to use it – small- to medium-sized businesses that want to use digital signage without putting a strain on their limited resources, be it money, time or staff.

Wallin ONE’s extensive functionality includes the ability to quickly and easily, via a few simple clicks, take advantage of web-based content, such as social media and news. Support for sensors enables truly engaging consumer interaction.

What are you waiting for?